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ZIP Code Demographic Append API

ZIP Code Demographic Append Overview

Append extensive demographic data to any five digit ZIP code in the United States with LifeData® using Datafinder’s ZIP Demographic Append API. Gain valuable insight by appending more than 900 demographic fields to your ZIP code file including Outputs such as: Average Household Size, Average Household Income, Percentage Owner Occupied Households, Own/Rent, and hundreds more.

In addition to taking a zip code as an input, our api allows a variety of inputs that it will then map to a zip code, this includes any combination of:

  • Zip
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address
  • Additional Input options are discussed in the API documentation

The Zip Append API provides the following Outputs:

  • EducationAssociatesDegreeFemalePop25
  • EmploymentBicycletoWorkMaleEmpl16
  • EmploymentFerrytoWorkMaleEmpl16
  • Hhlds4SingleParentswKidsHhldswIncome100000to124999
  • and hundreds more...

For a complete list of outputs, see API Data Dictionary or the example response in the API documentation

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