Automated Email Validation
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Automatically validate your customer and prospect email addresses.
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Use Datafinder robust API services to validate your customer and prospect email addresses in realtime.

Email Validation and Updates

Datafinder repairs, validates and updates your customer email list.

Datafinder helps you significantly improve the performance of your email marketing campaign by repairing email formatting errors, verifying deliverability of your emails and updating your customer list with valid email addresses.

This information includes:
  • Number of validated emails
  • Number of invalid emails
  • Number of updated emails provided by Datafinder

Datafinder's Email Address validation process

  1. Find and repair formatting errors

    The first step in the process is to review the structure, syntax and top-level-domain of your email addresses. If the address is improperly formatted, we will attempt to repair it before continuing the validation process.

    "" does not have the necessary "@" symbol and would be updated to “”. Additionally, we will check if the address uses a valid top-level-domain such as .com or .net etc.

  2. Validate the deliverability of your email addresses

    The next step is Datafinder will assess and score the deliverability of each email on your list. A valid score means it is safe to send email to this address whereas an invalid score means there may be a problem delivering email to this email address. Sending email to addresses Datafinder scores as Invalid may not get delivered and may increase the bounce rate of your email marketing campaign.

    • 1. Invalid domain: The email address is associated with a domain that does not exist, contains invalid characters or was created in error. For example, the domain “" is not a valid domain and therefore cannot receive email.
    • 2. Invalid format: Email addresses have to follow a specific format. For example, “” is correctly formatted whereas “info*datafinder:com” is an incorrect format.
    • 3. Invalid account: The inbox or account associated with this domain does not exist. For example, there is not an inbox associated with the “” email address.
    • 4. Role account: A Role account is an email account that is not associated with a particular person, but rather with an office, position, task or function. Examples include info@, sales@ customer_support@. Mail sending programs will often reject this type of email address outright and possibly flag your mailing list as spam.
    • 5. Disposable Email Addresses: Sometimes known as DEAs, are temporary or disposable email addresses. In most cases, these email addresses are not an effective way to communicate with your customer.
    • 6. Spam Traps: Spam traps are created to catch and prevent spammers. If these email addresses make their way into your customer email list, it could damage your reputation as an email marketer and cause your email campaign to be shut down.
  3. Updating invalid email addresses

    The last step in the process is to update the invalid email addresses with as many valid addresses as we can find. By updating your customer list with current, deliverable email addresses, Datafinder helps you stay connected with your clients.

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Email Validation Pricing

per record validated
per appended email address

$99 mimimum per file

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