Household Data Append: Lookup Household Income & Home Ownership Data

Financial, Household and Automotive Data Append, starting at $0.07 per match

Add new insights about your customers or prospects to better market your products or services.

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Financial, Household and Automotive Data Append

A successful marketing campaign is dependent upon knowing who to target and delivering a message that resonates with your audience. Datafinder’s Financial, Household and Automotive data provides businesses with an economic portrait of customers or prospects. By appending this data to a list, marketers gain the insights they need to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Inputs can include:

  • First/Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address
  • Facebook handle

Data returned for a Financial, Household and Automotive Append

Field Description
Est. Household Income Estimated income of household
Length of Residence Length of residence
Home Purchase Date Estimated date of home purchase
Est. Home Purchase Price Estimated purchase price of home
Dwelling Type Single family or multi-family residence
Auto year Year of automobile
Number of credit lines Number of lines of credit
Auto make Make of automobile
Credit card holder Credit card holder
Auto model Model of automobile
Est. Home Value Estimated home value
Auto edition Edition of automobile
Est. Net Worth Estimated wealth of household
Gas credit card holder Gas credit card holder
Upscale card holder Upscale credit card holder
How can a Predictive Wealth Score help my organization?

Why use Datafinder's Financial, Household and Automotive Data Append?

  • Insight into key Financial, Household and Auto data: Estimated Household Income, Length of Residence, Auto make, model and year - Plus ten additional attributes. - View Full List
  • Gain deep insights about current customers and improve customer segmentation
  • Tailor and target your marketing programs to prospects that have similar interests as your existing customers
How can a Predictive Wealth Score help my organization?

Datafinder makes it easy to add LifeData®

Datafinder is a SaaS based self-service platform that supports file upload and API access to make adding Financial, Household, and Automotive data to your file easy and efficient. Try the Price Estimator to see estimated match rates and pricing.

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Here's what Datafinder offers:
  • Consumer Data Append

    Append consumer contact data, such as email address, phone number and postal address, as well as household financial data and demographic data to your customer lists with match rates as high as 85 percent.

  • Online Audience Builder

    Do you have a high quality list of customers or prospects but you're only reaching a small percentage of your list through online ads? Datafinder appends multiple contact data points to improve online match rates by up to 3x.

  • Data Hygiene and Validation Services

    Clean up your data, fix contact data and validate email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Datafinder APIs

    Use all of the services above through real-time RESTful API endpoints. Get access to the data you need where you need it so you can easily act on it.

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