Datafinder’s Predictive Lead Score

Score your leads and market to those most likely to convert
Datafinder’s self-serve predictive lead score is a SaaS based service that incorporates LifeData® and uses machine learning to develop customized predictive models. The service enables organizations to score leads and focus marketing programs on prospects most likely to convert.
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   The Power of Big Data

Datafinder’s LifeData® contains more than 800 billion attributes including online behavior, social behavior, purchase interests, financial data, and more. LifeData® combined with your historical customer data is used to provide signal to the predictive model.

   Machine Learning

When working with Big Data, machine learning models historically outperform rules based models. Datafinder’s Predictive Lead Score uses machine learning to analyze the data, train the predictive models and then test to maximize model performance.

   Self-serve Predictive Analytics

Datafinder’s Predictive Lead Score service allows easy upload of historical customer data and automatically builds a custom predictive lead score model. Once the model is built, it is used to score leads through an API or file upload process.

Increase your conversion rate and spend less

All leads are not created equally – some leads are higher quality than others and are much more likely to convert than others. Datafinder’s Lead Score predicts the propensity of a lead to convert on a scale of 1-100. As a result, Marketers can focus on high value leads to improve top-line revenue growth.

Datafinder uses industry leading matching technologies to augment the historical customer data with LifeData®. Datafinder then applies machine learning to look for “signal” in the combined dataset and automatically builds a custom lead score model. After the model has been developed, customers can submit new leads or prospect lists to be scored in real time through an API or a file upload and download process. The steps to develop a lead score model are fully automated and new models can be developed and tuned in one day.

Interactive Dashboard

Datafinder provides an interactive dashboard to help you understand the predictive performance of your scored leads. Adjust the slider to the left to set the lead score threshold and visualize the expected conversion rate and percentage of converted leads.

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