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Build prospect lists GUARANTEED to have higher conversion rates

Datafinder’s automated Predictive List Builder uses LifeData® and machine learning to produce customized lists of prospects who are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Self-serve solution enables selection of geographic marketing area and supports postal, email, phone and online marketing campaigns.

The Power of LifeData®

Datafinder’s fully automated service enables marketers to develop high quality, customized predictive models in hours.

Machine Learning

Models built with machine learning outperform simplistic rules based models, significantly improving predictive accuracy.

Self-serve Predictive Analytics

Datafinder’s Predictive List Builder is fully automated. Easily build predictive models that are then used to create prospect lists.

How Predictive List Builder works

Predictive Prospect List Builder

Why Datafinder’s Predictive List Builder?

  • Increase conversion rates by up to 400%
  • Guaranteed to outperform “select-based” and off-the-shelf residential lists
  • Build lists based on projected conversion rates
  • Supports multichannel campaigns including postal, email, phone, and online display

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Build a custom predictive model and a list of 5,000 prospects at no cost.

Additionally, you will receive guided support on how to build your first model and a walk-through on how to use the predictive list builder solution.

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