Predictive Modeling
Skip the data scientists and put the power of predictive analytics into your own hands.
The center of it all: Our Predictive Model
Determine which customers to target to maximize your ROI. It all starts with our Predictive Model Builder. Using your data blended with Versium’s LifeData®, you can easily build a customized predictive model for your business. You can then score your leads and generate a list of prospects who are most likely to convert.
Our fully automated, self-serve solution offers:
  • Industry leading accuracy
  • Custom models built using your historical customer data, LifeData®, and machine learning
  • Models that are built and ready to use in hours, not weeks
  • No setup fees or infrastructure investment
Focusing on the right customers, made easy
With our interactive dashboard, we make it easy for you to see how targeting different lead scores affects your conversion rate, allowing you to optimize all of your campaigns.
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