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Hygiene and Lead Validation API

Hygiene and Lead Validation API Overview

Datafinder's Consumer Hygiene and Lead Validation Append API service allows you clean, format and validate your consumer contact information through a simple-to-use RESTful API. Datafinder’s Data Hygiene and Lead Validation service solves your data hygiene problems through the following process:

  • Your contact data is cleaned and properly structured.
  • Each record is validated by confirming the individuals are found in our LifeData® database
  • The individual's full name or last name is matched and verified that it is associated with the address, phone or email address that you provide.
  • Datafinder also determines if the IP address you provide is questionable or submitted for additional review.

The Datafinder Hygiene and Lead Validation API service can format, clean and validate the following inputs:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address
  • IP

For a complete list of outputs, see the example response in the API documentation

For a complete list of features, please see the product page.

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