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The general population is progressively moving toward Green lifestyles and environmental awareness. Many companies are addressing the concern and developing environmentally friendly products, services and business practices. However finding Green consumers is still a challenge.

Just like our self-serve Green Score, Datafinder’s Green Score API helps businesses identify customers who have a high likelihood of making more environmentally conscious purchase decisions so they can better target marketing campaigns and optimize lead qualification programs. This is done in real time through an easy to use RESTful interface.

Industries benefiting from Datafinder’s Green Score API include: Apparel, Energy, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Marketing & Advertising, Recreation, Automotive, Airlines and other manufacturers of Green products & services.

The predictive accuracy of the Green Score can be improved for specific uses cases by tuning the model with additional enterprise data. Please contact Datafinder for details.

Datafinder delivers this actionable intelligence through an easy to understand predictive score, and is the perfect solution for businesses that would like to target or focus marketing efforts on customers or prospects with a higher propensity for being green.

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