Self-Serve Credits

Instead of paying the $199 minimum for each file you purchase, Datafinder now offers an easier, more affordable way to append data. You can now purchase credits at a discounted rate. Credits work for LifeData® appends, including predictive scores, and Hygiene and Lead Validation. To begin, select the amount of credits you would like to purchase on the right and get started today!

Using Credits

Credits will be applied at checkout, after you have viewed your free match report or validation report. For more informaiton on how Self-Serve Credits work, view the How Self-Serve Credits can be Redeemed section below.

Purchase Self-Serve Credits Below

How Self-Serve Credits can be Redeemed

Product Category Credits
LifeData® Append
Email Append 1.5 credits per matched category
LifeData® Append 1 credit per matched category
Online Audience Append 2.5 credit per matched category
Business Append
Business Contact Email Append 5 credits per returned email
Versium REACH Append 5 credit per matched category
LifeData® Predictive Scores
Wealth Score 1.5 credits per match
Green Score 2.5 credits per match
Giving Score 2.5 credits per match
Auto Buyer Score 2.5 credits per match
Data Hygiene
Data Hygiene and Lead Validation 0.2 Credits for every record
Email Validation 0.15 Credits for every record
Updated Emails 1.5 Credits per email