Data Hygiene and Lead Validation Service

Save time and money by cleaning and validating your contact data.
Use valid contact data for all of your marketing campaigns. Best value guaranteed.
1 to 49,999


$ 0.009
Per Record
$99 Minimum
50,000 to 299,999


$ 0.008
Per Record


$ 0.007
Per Record
$0.006 per record for more than 500,000 Records

Datafinder cleans, fixes commons syntax errors and properly structures your contact data.

Datafinder's Contact Data Hygiene and Lead Validation Process:

  1. We first clean and properly structure your contact data.
  2. Then each record is validated by confirming the individuals are found in our LifeData® platform and the person’s name is associated with the address, phone, and email address you provide.

Data quality is the foundation for any organization to grow their business, communicate with customers and convert prospects to profitable customers.

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