Email Validation Pricing

Improve your Bounce Rate.
Validate, Repair and Update your Email Address list.
Validate your email addresses before you send. Best value guaranteed.

Email Validation
For $0.01
Per record input
Email Updates
For $0.105
Per Updated Email provided by Datafinder
$99 minimum
A summary report of Email Validation and Updates is shown prior to purchase, with no obligation to purchase. This information includes: number of validated emails, number of invalid emails, and the number of updated emails provided by Datafinder.
More Than 500,000


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Datafinder's Email Address validation process

Datafinder helps you significantly improve the performance of your email marketing campaign. We do this by repairing email formatting errors and verifying deliverability of your emails. Datafinder will then search our systems and attempt to update an invalid email address with a valid email address.

Update invalid email addresses
In order to maximize the Email Update feature, please include as many of the following Input types as possible:
The Input types listed above are in addition to the email addresses you will provide in your file. Should the Input email for a record be invalid, the added input information allows Datafinder to better match your input email with a record that may also include an alternate email address that Datafinder will test for deliverability to determine if it is valid. If valid, Datafinder will provide this updated email address.
By updating your list with current, deliverable email addresses, Datafinder helps you reduce your bounce rate and better connect with your customers or prospects.