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Add IP Address Data to your Marketing Campaign

Datafinder's IP Address Append, starting at $0.04 per match

Improve targeting and communicate with customers in more ways by adding IP address data to your marketing list, or add geolocation and contact data to a list of IP addresses.

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IP Address Append

A successful marketing campaign is dependent upon knowing who to target and delivering a message that resonates with that audience. Datafinder’s IP Append service helps marketers connect with customers in more ways. Here is how the service works:

  • If an IP address is provided, Datafinder will append location information and if available, provide contact data such as name, email address and postal address.
  • If email address, or other contact data is provided, Datafinder will append IP address. The marketer can use the appended IP address in their online campaign to connect with customers and prospects in more ways.

Common Uses for IP Address Append in Marketing

  • Serve local content and advertise locally on a global site based on an IP Address.
  • Using an IP Address you can restrict or allow copyrighted content for the specific geographical location.
  • Target your marketing to users who live in selected locations or a specific IP Address.
  • Taylor content based on connection speed of an IP Address.
  • Use data analytics to identify the geography, connection speed data and certain demographic data and how they corrolate, based on IP addresses.
  • Prevent fraud and I dentify suspicious payment transactions based on IP address and specific enterprise data i.e. billing records and email addresses.
  • Web sites can connect large city audiences with products/services only available in those cities or test markets.
  • Base your website content on local time using IP Address to geolocation conversion.
  • Serve faster content by using servers closer to your end user or IP Address.

Data returned for an IP Address Append

Appended Attribute Appended Attribute
IP IP From
IP To IP Country Code
IP Country Name IP Region
IP City IP Latitude
IP Longitude IP ZIP
IP Usage Type IP Net Speed
IP Domain Name IP Time Zone
IP NPA IP Mobile Country
IP Mobile Network Code IP Mobile Brand

Inputs can include:

  • For IP Append:
    Email Address
  • For Reverse IP Append:
    IP Address

How can a Predictive Wealth Score help my organization?

Datafinder's IP Address Append service

  • Use Datafinder's self-serve automated tools to easily add IP Address data to your customer and prospects list. Datafinder's self-serve tools are easy to use and allow you to focus your marketing efforts on the consumers who will purchase your products or services.

How can a Predictive Wealth Score help my organization?

Datafinder makes it easy to add LifeData®

Datafinder is a SaaS based self-service platform that supports file upload and API access to make adding IP Address data to your file easy and efficient. Try the Price Estimator to see estimated match rates and pricing.

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