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IP Address Append Documentation

IP Address Append Overview

Datafinder's IP Address Append API service enables you to programmatically append IP addresses and valuable IP information to your customer or prospect email addresses.

Inputs and output:

For a complete list of inputs please see the "Parameters" section. For a complete list of outputs, please see the "Output Fields" section.

Request URL{your-key}&service=ip


Config Parameters

Use the config parameters to adjust elements like the output language.

Name Description Required?
k2 Your api key Yes
service Which API service to use. Use "ip" in this case. Yes
output Specify json or xml output responses. Default is JSON.
Example: output=json

Search Parameters

Any parameter that begins with a "d_" is a search parameter. We will use these parameters to try and match an individual or household. Some search parameters will not return results if used by themselves, such as d_last or d_first. If a search parameter requires another, it will be noted in the table below.

NOTE: d_first and d_last are required for an individual level match.

Name Description
d_email Valid email address

Output Fields

Api results will follow the schema shown below and will include:

  • version - api version
  • query-id - id unique to each query
  • results - list of append results
  • input-query - list of input search parameters and their values
  • num-results - number of match records for the given search parameters
  • query-time - how long the processing took
  • page-time - how long the lookup took

Fields returned for each records in the "results":

Name Description What is returned
IP IP Address associated with email at point of collection IP Address
IPFrom Starting value of IP range IP Address
IPTo Ending value of IP range IP Address
IPCountry Country Code Country code string, i.e. USA
IPCountryName Country name Country name string, i.e. Canada
IPRegion Region of IP, often times a state A region name, i.e. Colorado
IPCity City of IP A city name, i.e. Portland
IPLatitude Latitude of IP location A latitude, i.e. 47.075078
IPLongitude Longitude of IP location A longitude, i.e. -116.647047
IPZip Zip of IP A postal code, i.e. 98036
IPUsageType Use of IP A string representing the usage type, i.e. ISP or DCH
IPNetSpeed Net speed of IP A string representing the speed, i.e. DSL
IPDomainName Domain name for IP A domain name
IPTimeZone Time zone of IP The GMT time zone offset, i.e. -07:00
IPIDDCode International calling country code for IP A numerical calling code, i.e. 1
IPNPA NPA code of IP location, i.e. the area code A numerical calling code, i.e. 206
IPMobileCountry Mobile country code of IP A numerical calling code, i.e. 520
IPMobileNetworkCode Mobile network code of IP A numerical calling code, i.e. 15
IPMobileBrand Mobile brand of IP A string, i.e. TOT 3G

Output schema in JSON:

  "datafinder": {
    "version": "2.0",
    "query-id": "xxxxxx",
    "results": [
        "key": "value"
    "input-query": {
      "key": "value"
    "num-results": 1,
    "query-time": "0.000",
    "page-time": "0.000"

If we cannot match the input search parameters to a record then no results will be returned. The result would appear as follows:

  "datafinder": {
    "version": "2.0",
    "query-id": "xxx",
    "input-query": {
      "FirstName": "John",
      "LastName": "Doe",
      "EmailAddr": ""
    "num-results": 0,
    "query-time": "0.138",
    "page-time": "0.193"

Example Queries and Response

Search for IP address using an email address:

  "datafinder": {
    "version": "2.0",
    "query-id": "6123bab66f7635a006b3b9196a6d65f7",
    "results": [
        "IP": "",
        "IPFrom": "",
        "IPTo": "",
        "IPCountry": "US",
        "IPCountryName": "UNITED STATES",
        "IPRegion": "MISSOURI",
        "IPCity": "TOWN AND COUNTRY",
        "IPLatitude": "38.647041",
        "IPLongitude": "-90.54464",
        "IPZip": "63017",
        "IPTimeZone": "-05:00",
        "IPISPName": "SAVVIS",
        "IPDomainName": "SAVVIS.NET",
        "IPNetSpeed": "COMP",
        "IPIDDCode": "1",
        "IPNPA": "636",
        "IPWeatherStationCode": "USMO0045",
        "IPWeatherStationName": "BALLWIN",
        "IPMobileCountry": "-",
        "IPMobileNetworkCode": "-",
        "IPMobileBrand": "-",
        "IPElevation": "178",
        "IPUsageType": "ISP",
        "IPEMDRecCount": "189",
        "IPEMDLocCount": "63",
        "IPEMDLastNameCount": "45",
        "IPEMDEmailCount": "45"
    "input-query": {
      "EmailAddr": "",
      "Username": "john.doe",
      "Domain": ""
    "num-results": 1,
    "query-time": "0.185"